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Complaint Pathways

Complaints about a nursery, school or college if, for example:

  • It is failing to put support in place for a child or young person’s special educational needs (“SEN”)
  • A child or young person is being excluded in the activities of the school because of their SEN
  • A child or young person has been unlawfully excluded – school hasn’t followed the correct exclusion procedure

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If you feel that a council service hasn’t been properly delivered, you can make an official complaint.

Education, Health and Care Processes

If you have a complaint in relation to Education, Health and Care processes please see our Template Letters page in the Further Resources tab.

What is the Ombudsman’s role in complaints about special educational needs?

The Ombudsman can investigate a complaint that a council has failed to appropriately address a child’s special educational needs (SEN). This includes delay in assessing a child and issuing an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) and failing to implement an EHCP or carry out an annual review.

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