You can download and amend our model letters to use for your own purposes.

These template/model letters are provided by

EHC needs assessments

To request an Education, Health and Care needs assessment (Model letter 1)

To request a re-assessment (Model letter 2)

Complaining when the LA does not respond to a request for an EHC needs assessment within the 6 week time limit (Model letter 9)

Complaining when an EHC needs assessment is not being carried out properly (Model letter 7)

Complaining when the LA has not issued the draft or final EHC Plan following assessment (Model letter 10)

Amending EHC plans

To respond to the draft EHC plan sent by the LA (Model letter 3)

Complaining when the LA will not consider the school or college you want named in your EHC plan (Model letter 14)

Objecting to the amendments the LA is proposing to an existing EHC plan (Model letter 4)

Complaining when the local authority does not send out the final amended EHC plan in time (Model letter 15)

Annual reviews

Asking for an early review of an EHC plan (Model letter 5)

Complaining when the LA has not completed the annual review of an EHC plan (Model letter 8)

Complaining when the LA has not completed the annual review in time for a transfer from one phase of education to another (Model letter 12)

Making a complaint about educational provision

Complaining when the special educational provision in the EHC plan is not being made (Model letter 6)

Making a complaint about LA failures following conclusion of an appeal

Complaining when the local authority fails to comply with the statutory deadlines for action following the conclusion of an appeal (Model letter 16)

Disclaimer: SIASS has made all reasonable efforts to ensure that the information contained in this leaflet is accurate and up to date at the time of publication. It does not constitute legal advice and SIASS cannot accept any responsibility for any loss or damage suffered as a consequence of any reliance placed upon it.
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