Considering Mediation

When you disagree with a decision made by the Local Authority, you have options when it comes to how to resolve that disagreement. Once you receive the Local Authority decision letter, you have the legal right to appeal that decision to the SEND Tribunal, but before you appeal you are required by law to at least “consider mediation.” (SEND Regulation 33)

In Sutton, that means you call Global Mediation (whose information will be listed on your panel decision letter) and have a conversation with them over the phone. They will describe the benefits of mediation and offer advice and you can then decide whether to proceed with mediation (which may resolve your dispute within a month) or to proceed directly to Tribunal (which usually takes 3-5 months for your hearing date). After your conversation or mediation (whichever route you choose), they will send you a “Mediation Certificate” within 3 days certifying that you have considered mediation (SEND Regulation 34).

For more information on mediation, contact Global Mediation (Sutton’s contracted mediation services) here: Global Mediation – Mediation Services in London & Nationwide