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Advice Surgery

Monday, August 21st, 10am-2pm @ Cantium House, SM6 0DZ

Get ready for the new school year! Join SIASS caseworkers in a private room at the Cognus Office at 1st Floor of Cantium House, Railway Approach, Wallington SM60DZ to ask questions and talk through your concerns about the upcoming school year. To book a 30 minute time slot, email Feel free to bring your child or young person along to share their views. SIASS staff are all mums of kids with SEN, and we’d love to chat with your kids if they feel up to visiting (or have them colour or play in the room while we chat)!

Legal gavel and scales

Mediation & Appeals Workshop

Monday, 25th of September 12-2pm @Cantium House

SIASS is here to help you understand and exercise your legal rights, this includes the right to mediation and to appeal to the SEND Tribunal when you disagree with a decision that’s been made by the Local Authority.

Join us in the Creative Room on the first floor of Cantium House (SM60DZ) from 12-2pm on the 25th of September for a SEND Tribunal masterclass for parent/carers.

Topics to be covered include:

  • When do you have the legal right to appeal?
  • What’s Mediation & what can you expect?
  • What are the different types of appeals and what do you need to prove in each kind of case?
  • How to write up your grounds of appeal?
  • What evidence you should gather?
  • How long does this process take?
  • What should happen after a Tribunal decision is made?

Booking is essential, email to book your place

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